Monday, February 8, 2010

Rock Road

Almond Joy

Issey Miyake

Orville Reddenbacher

Tony Roma's

Pacifico Beer

USSR&R, Rock on a Red Horse is rereleased for 20th Anniversary

Throughout the 1980’s Producer/Director Ken Thurlbeck set out on what seemed at the time to be an almost impossible mission – to create a comprehensive documentary survey with an historical perspective on the contemporary musical, cultural and political scene in the Soviet Union. “USSR&R” the completed 90 minute film, is the first and most comprehensive of its kind which traces the roots of the burgeoning Soviet music scene and discusses its socio-political importance. To learn more please visit

Thurlbeck Studios shoots documentary of Jean Miotte founder of the Informel movement of painting in France.

Just completed this year Thurlbeck Studios completed a documentary on the French artist Jean Miotte, the founder of the Informel movement of painting. Informel is often regarded as the European equivalent of Abstract Expressionism, it is
distinguished from its American counterpart,by a loss of faith in progress and the collective possibilities of an avant garde. The artists who came to be grouped as Informel include, Jean Miotte,Jean-Paul Riopelle, Emil Schumacher and Kazuo Shiraga among others, claimed an individual freedom embodied in the spontaneity of the
gestural brushstroke.